Vehicle / Base Camp / Retreat Kit

Article by Medicine Man

Combat Dressings
Assorted sizes of dressings
Eyes Dressing
Small gauze squares
Roller Bandages elastic + cotton (2in/4in/6in)
Triangular Bandages & Safety pins
Plasters -assorted sizes and shapes (ie finger tips)
Sleek Tape 1 in. (waterproof, plastic/elasticated tape)
Micropore tape
Steristrips / Butterfly Closures
Cotton buds
Wound Tissues
Aqua Burns Dressings / Petroleum gauze
Chemical Heat & Cold Packs

Pen Torch
Paramedic scissors
Surgical scissors, Needle holder, Forceps
Scalpel & blades
5ml syringes
20g needles
Oral Airways
Oil of cloves (tooth ache)
Emergency dental kit (commercial preparation)
Emergency Obstetric Kit
Resus Face Shield / Pocket Mask
Eye Wash / Saline ampoules
Foil Blankets
Sterile & Non Sterile Gloves

Medications (Non Prescription)

Chlorhexidine and cetrimide (antiseptic) or Povidone-Iodine
Antibacterial Soap
Oral Rehydration powder (Diaoralyte)
Contraceptive Pills/Condoms
Throat Lozenges
Antiseptic Cream
E45 Cream
Sting relief
Anti-Fungal Cream
Cold Remedies
Tincture of Benzoin
Potassium Permanganate
Water Purifying Tablets

Extras for a more Advanced Kit

All of the above plus the following providing you can know how to use them.


Tubular Bandage & Applicators
Sphygmomanomter (BP)
Air splints (arm/long-leg/short-leg)
SAM splints
Finger splints
Neck Collars
Plaster of Paris (or fibreglass) roller bandages (4in/6in)
Urine test strips
Pregnancy test kits
Scrub Suits
Fluroscene eye strips
Sm eye magnet (for FB's)
Bite / Sting Extractor kit
Barrier Nursing Equipment (Disposable Plates, utensils, Apron, masks, gowns etc)
Nail brushes Surgical Wound Cleaning
Folding Stretcher/carry Sheet

IV Kit

Normal Saline
Glucose 5%
IV giving sets
Blood collection bags + filter giving sets
Syringes 2/5/10/20 ml
Needles 20/22/24 g
IV cannulas 16/20/24g
Leur locks/Heparin locks
Alcohol Wipes
Sharps box
Water for injection/normal saline for injection

Surgical Kit

Chest drain tubes
Urine Bags
N-G tubes + spigots

Resuscitation equipment :
CD Oxygen Cylinders
Refill Adaptor
Oxygen Tubing
Non rebreather masks
Venturi Masks
Hand Suction aspirator
Oral & Nasal Airways
Intubation Kit
Defibrilator / AED

Medications (POMs if available) Drugs marked ** are obtainable without prescription

(Some medication particularly vaccines & Insulin need to be refrigerated)
**Entenox Gas
Adrenaline Autoinjector (epipen/anapen)
Narloxone iv (Morphine Antidote)
Ketamine iv/im iv anesthetic
Diazepam iv /Tablets hypnotic/sedative
**Zopiclone sedative
Atropine iv pre-med/poison anti
Insulin (need refrigeration)
GTN Inhaler (Vasodilator)
**Lignocaine topical/Subdermal local anaesthetic
Metoclopramide iv/im anti-emetic
**Buccastem Tablets anti-emetic
Salbutamol inhaler asthma/anaphylaxis
Becatide Inhaler Asthma
Prednisolone 5mg steroid
**Hydrocortisone cream 2.5% Rashes and Skin inflammation
Pilocaine eye drops local anaesthetic
Bactroban topical antibacterial cream
Gamma Benzene Hexchloride topical for scabies and lice
Frusemide Tablets 40mg Diuretic
Tetanus vaccine 0.5ml amp
Tetanus immumoglobulin amp

Other vaccines (need refrigeration)

Antibiotics (Penicillin Based & Others)
**Amoxicillin - a broad spectrum antibiotic used for chest, ear, tooth, bowel, urine infections
**Erythromicin - another good antibiotic if you are allergic to penicillin, and in chest, ear, eye, skin and bowel infections
**Doxycycline - used in lung, bowel, urine and sexually transmitted infections
**Gentamicin ear/eye-drops - antibiotic drops for ear and eye infections
**Cicatrin(TM) cream or powder - a locally applied antibiotic for skin infections
Tetracycline - a broad spectrum antibiotic used for chest, genital, Skin and tooth infections

Strong Analgesia
**Coproxamol - known as Distalgesic(TM), a good analgesic where ibuprofen or paracetamol fall short
**Codeine Phosphate - a good analgesic in stomach cramps due to diarrhoea
**Tramadol - a very strong pain killer for emergencies, like fractures or severe aches
**Diclofenac - used in painful inflammatory situations

Controlled Drugs
Pethodine for Intramuscular Injection (Surgical type Pain)
Diamorphine for IV use (Serious Trauma and Cardiac Pain)